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External Sharing Discovery Report For SharePoint Online
Generate a report to view who shared content within your organization in SharePoint Online.

This script is for SharePoint Online to find out each site collection that has some resources shared with external users. It will export the results into a .csv file, along with the site url, the name of the external user, user email, join date, and the email of the person who invited him.

You can use this script as it is, all you need to do is to download the script, run it in either Windows PowerShell or SharePoint Online Management Shell (it will import the SPO module when necessary), and follow the instructions required, you will be asked for the Office 365 admin center url as well as the path for the .csv file where you want the report to be created.

* You must have access to Office 365 admin center
* You must have SharePoint Online Management Shell installed locally (Though, you don't need to run it in SharePoint Online Management Shell)

Below is a screenshot of how the report would look like:


OriginalEmail means the email the user received in the first place in order to get invited to SharePoint. Since Office 365 only allows Microsoft accounts to be used, so we can see that the users used their Microsoft accounts to sign in to the environment as shown in the AcceptedAs column.

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